Doctor Strange

**WARNING: If you haven’t seen Marvel’s Doctor Strange and don’t want spoilers, DO NOT read this**

Last night, I saw the 14th addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange, and I have to say, it was very beneficial for me to see, considering my current situation.

To start off with, Dr. Steven Strange is a cocky, arrogant, full of himself surgeon who takes great pride in what he does. He claims he got into the medical profession to save lives, and that may very well be true, but when he gets into a car accident and loses the use of his hands, his “perfect world” falls out from underneath him and he hits rock bottom. And after seven surgical procedures to try and correct the nerve damage done to his hands, he still keeps on researching ways to repair the damage done because he put all of his faith, hope and trust in his hands. But we can’t rely on our own devices because the things of this world will ultimately fail us. The empty path he follows brings him to losing everything. All of his money. His girlfriend. His respect. His sanity. All because he blamed everyone for his situation, except the person who’s fault it truly was. His own. But sometimes we have to lose everything and be brought to a place of humility in order to have room to gain something greater.

Out of desperation, the bearded Dr. Strange goes to an ancient temple in Nepal, where they claim that he can repair his damaged nerves through the betterment of his own spirit. A seemingly positive thinking, psychotherapy kind of thing if you will. So he studied these mystic arts to fix his hands and ends up finding out he’s capable of much more than he ever thought possible.

As humans, we live similar lives. We try to better ourselves and make ourselves happy by our own devices. We rely on the things of this world. People. Movies. Drugs. Porn. Alcohol. Music. Music’s a huge one for me. Whenever something bad would happen in my life, I would plug up my ears and cut myself off from the world. I would never try to deal with the actual problem insode of me. And because of that, the problems just piled up over the years. And I never would’ve realized that if my iPod hadn’t died on one of the roughest days of my life.

You see, if you constantly are bettering your emotional spirit through these addictions, you’re never going to mature and move on from the actual problem you’re facing. So I encourage you to be like Dr. Steven Strange. He read and studied the mystic arts, bettered himself, and became better than he ever was. In the same way, we need to be constantly delving into the scriptures – God’s Word – so that will infect us and fill us instead of the empty things of this world. That’s the only way you can allow God to strengthen your spirit so He can better use you for the betterment of His kingdom.


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